Where relationships ARE the business

We get it. We are not the first company to say that we value our partners or that we work hard to build strong relationships.

So how is KINETICIQ® different?

We LIVE it! Relationships are our top priority. We spend our time getting to know our clients, learning about their business, their background, and their passions. We look for ways that we can benefit them and create a valuable partnership.

We have built an innovative approach to software development that helps you maintain control, ensures your finished project solves the real problems, and helps you feel like you have a true partner that is there to support you.


Our passionate group of tech specialists care deeply about seeing you succeed. We believe in a hands-on approach, open lines of communication, taking the time to listen and asking questions to learn more. Our approach brings custom software within reach for non-profits, governments, and businesses of all sizes. Learn more about our HIVE 6™ method and how it can ensure that your organization's problems find the right solutions.

Let's change the world together!

Just Ask Our Partners

I’ve worked with Kinetic IQ for a decade on multiple projects. They’ve never failed to provide professional, top tier results. They are thorough, skilled and always responsive. The Kinetic IQ team is exactly who you hope to find when looking for a technology solution provider.
Andy Rose - BPX Logistics