Our story is truly told by the partners we have made.

We welcome you to the story of KINETIC IQ®. We are a passionate, motivated organization that seeks to change the world around us using our talents and skills. We have built a stellar team with a powerful breadth of knowledge and expertise. We are always looking for opportunities to bring our tools, experience, and ideas to other organizations to help them elevate their work and reach their goals. With a focus on projects with positive societal impact, Kinetic IQ is poised and ready to take on any large projects designed to benefit the world around us. Our story is one that shows a commitment to partnership, respect, and longevity.

Entrepreneur, Aaron A. Gold, incorporates as AA Gold, Inc.

The company develops first partnership with Government Utilities Technology Services for development of an application to facilitate tax sales in the State of Indiana. Works with Belkin Technologies of Cincinnati, Ohio to develop a property management system for the states of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

AA Gold, Inc’s growth continues and rebrands as KINETIC IQ®

KINETIC IQ® continues the partnership with Government Utilities Technology Services to develop a solution for IN Property Management. The effort leads to the successful implementation of PVDNet® in Marion County, IN. KINETIC IQ® develops new partnership with vector sketch company, APEX, out of San Antonio, Texas to develop an automated method to convert mainframe sketch data into modern CAD.

KINETIC IQ® develops partnership with the Goodnight Group, LLC

KINETIC IQ® develops partnership with the Goodnight Group, LLC to engineer a new solution to help mitigate litigation for the Indiana Department of Corrections. KINETIC IQ® president, Aaron A. Gold, is named as Inventor on a patent application to utilize biometrics to track inmates and staff activities at correctional institutions.

KINETIC IQ® develops a new partnership with the start-up, Coffective

KINETIC IQ® develops a new partnership with the start-up, Coffective, with a mission to support state and local organizations in coordinating to address systemic barriers in breastfeeding and improve the health of birthing people and babies. Educational technology is engineered to help guide people through the process of having their baby in a Healthy Babies Hospital.


KINETIC IQ® works with the US Department of Health and Human Services to develop a module of the federal website dedicated to guiding companies in the US to support nursing mothers going back to work. Data collection software is created to collect information from participating corporations in the workforce to better understand workplace scenarios for their industries in regards to supporting breastfeeding mothers at work.

new partnership with start-up, Consciencium

KINETIC IQ® develops a new partnership with start-up, Consciencium, to develop full featured EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solution in collaboration with Daymar Services of Indianapolis.

Development of HIVE 6™

KINETIC IQ® begins development of a proprietary, modular-based software architecture that provides secure and efficient solutions to better serve clients. The replicable components allow updates to be pushed to all applications in use. This ensures that systems remain fresh, secure, and limits the need for complete redesigns due to out-of-date technology.

IDOH Partnership for SSP

KINETIC IQ® begins a partnership with the Indiana Department of Health to engineer a syringe tracking solution to better understand agency efforts and to assist in the prevention of a potential HIV/HEP C outbreak.

Indiana Next Level jobs

KINETIC IQ® develops a partnership with LK Marketing Services/Leon Consulting to develop technology solutions to support efforts in the State of Indiana to align individuals with grants to attend educational institutions, leading to new careers in high-paying, in demand industries.

New partner, WorkSmart Systems

KINETIC IQ® works with new partner, WorkSmart Systems, to develop a full sales and client management system. The system includes integration with SalesForce, allows potential clients to provide all company documentation requirements securely, and all HR data is managed within the system.

Making moves in Logistics

KINETIC IQ® develops partnership with BPX Logistics to provide engineering services to manage the workflow of orders received from large transport providers throughout the Southwest United States KINETIC IQ® develops integration with RPA (Robotic Process Engineering) to better handle data transformation and the automation of repetitive tasks.

Higher Learning in Mississippi

In cooperation with partner LK Marketing Services, KINETIC IQ® reengineers a solution for the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning in support of their objective to align individuals with grants provided by DHS and the Kellogg Foundation. The initiative is designed to inspire Mississippi’s adults to complete their college degrees.