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Cross platform application development to provide businesses with effective means to reach their objectives. Full life-cycle software engineering from prototyping to deployment and testing.

Many business owners and organization leaders assume that an off-the-shelf (OTS) software solution will be more cost effective than a custom solution. Although this may be true in the beginning, real costs usually tell a different story.

Most OTS options will never fully meet the needs of any unique organization. Even within very defined industries, variations in how a group works can be what sets it apart. The technology solutions should match a company’s specific needs. Otherwise, companies find themselves in constant battle with their tools, trying to change workflows or force it to fit their needs. This leads to frustrations, loss of productivity, less efficiency, and it creates real costs. What is the next logical step for most leaders? It is creating a work-around solution to fill the gaps. Sometimes this is a custom solution, but at a much smaller scale. Although this is an option, it can be costly to create and maintain because the stopgap can need updates any time the OTS product is updated. This gives up control of the organization’s tools and costs with OTS solutions.

You are the expert of your business. You know what serves you and your clients the best. Kinetic IQ can help you create a solution that will support your work today and into the future. We are conscientious of budget and work with you to create a true solution for your needs. All of this is accomplished through our HIVE 6™ methodology of planning and development tools and costs with OTS solutions.


RPA makes your human workforce more successful by relieving them of tiresome, repetitive jobs and allowing their time to be spent on productive tasks leading to growth in your organization.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a type of technology that allows organizations to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks that are typically performed by humans. Tasks such as data input, transaction processing, answering client questions, and data collection can be automated using RPA. RPA's capacity to dramatically increase efficiency and production is one of its key advantages. Automating low-value, repetitive processes frees up workers to focus on higher-value, strategic initiatives, which in turn boosts productivity and profitability. Since robots don't make the same kinds of mistakes that humans do, RPA can also aid in reducing errors and increasing accuracy.

Robotic process automation makes businesses more profitable, flexible, and responsive. Removing monotonous tasks from workers' schedules boosts their happiness, engagement, and productivity.



Fueled by a passion to solve problems, we dream big, think creatively, and work diligently. We are, as a company, driven to create good in the world

You can save both time and money by outsourcing your CTO needs to a company that specializes in technology. The virtual Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, may help your company with things like developing tech best practices, creating a technology strategy, and organizing technological resources. Working with a virtual CTO on a regular basis is ideal because it eliminates the need for a lengthy contract. We partner with corporations large and small, and ealry-stage startups, with an eye toward making their visions a reality.