It's true! We love what we do, and we constantly strive to find better ways to do it!

Offering quality solutions and building lasting relationships

We pride ourselves on our high professional standards and our commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction. That is why we focus on providing our clients with the innovative solutions which help them maintain and increase productivity to meet their organizations' objectives.

Let's define your goals and establish your objectives.

Our goal is not only to offer our customers the best solutions, but to also build a lasting relationship by helping them evolve their organization.

We can help you achieve superior results by utilizing a comprehensive approach which includes:

  • Define

    We help you define your goals and establish your organization's objectives.

  • Identify

    We identify key requirements that will increase your organization's productivity.

  • Analyze

    We help you analyze your competitor's practices, industry standards, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Deliver

    We find the best possible solution for your business and within your budget.


Our EXPERIENCE elevates us above the rest

Kinetic IQ, founded in 2004, is a software engineering firm with a diverse client portfolio. We have successfully implemented a wide range of projects for small to Fortune 500 companies, as well as federal, state, and local government in the sectors of finance, public health, logistics, and education.

SUCCESS is what our history is made of

Kinetic IQ is experienced in working on high-profile projects that require an elevated level of precision and reliability. Our expertise has been key to the success of many mission critical software implementations.

We are your TEAM and we succeed with you

We create valuable resources for experts in their industries through partnerships and collaboration.

Fueled by a passion to solve problems and create solutions, we work with our partners to dream big, think creatively, and work diligently to benefit their business or initiative.

We are, as a company, driven to create good in the world around us.

Our Leadership



Aaron has a true entrepreneur’s heart and understands that technology can truly help make this world a better place for everyone. He has over 20 years of experience taking projects from concept to implementation, with a balanced understanding of each stage of development. His experience in leading mission critical software implementations was developed through the engineering and implementation of a range of projects for small to Fortune 500 companies, as well as federal, state, and local government in the sectors of finance, public health, and education. Aaron is the inventor on a patent for the execution of bio-metric tracking in high security facilities. Kinetic IQ, under Aaron's lead, has worked on several high-profile projects that require an elevated level of precision and reliability. His passion is for finding ways to use his talents to create solutions that have a positive societal impact.



Crystal has worked in technology management for over 20 years. By working closely with non-profits, start-ups, large educational institutions, and corporations of various sizes, she understands the individual needs of each and how effective relationships are developed in different office cultures. Crystal’s natural communication talents allow her to excel in her role of client communications, training, and project leadership. Other areas of business operations that she oversees include HR, team development, testing, and documentation. She believes in the goodness of people and that our humanity is what will always get us to the next better day. Crystal hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the School of Informatics at Indiana University as well as a Certificate in Applied Computer Science from Purdue University and a Social Media Certificate from DePaul University. If you want to meet Crystal out of the office, she can be found enjoying her brain teaser puzzles, taking in the outdoors, or cheering on anyone who wants to share their great news.



Great software solutions require a certain amount of art and Jonathan brings that to the team. He is a professional jazz musician, playing the bass. His long history and years of training in understanding complex music was a natural lead-in for a career in software engineering. He is incredibly talented at visualizing intricacies and dependencies and finding creative and effective ways to develop them so that they create an intuitive and fluid experience for the user. He fits the goals and culture of Kinetic IQ because he is wicked smart and is passionate about the world and the people who live in it. Jonathan holds a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Louisville and a Master of Music degree in Jazz Performance from NYU. If you want to meet Jonathan out of the office, he can be found teaching at an afterschool music education program, playing an evening gig, or visiting Brazil with his wife.







We strive to improve operational performance by delivering outcomes and transforming experiences for all stakeholders.